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Made an awesome website

2010-06-29 13:43:27 by satanicgoomba

This site is really awesome, I'd greatly appreciate it if you guys could sign up and join us in our forums.

Started a collab

2010-04-27 22:12:19 by satanicgoomba

The Full Metal Alchemist Collab, just leave a comment if ur interested in joining!

(Yes, the picture was done by me, Paint and Flash)

Started a collab

I suggest you go to my DA page, that's where I always update with flash, sprites, and pixel art.

Got better at spriting.

2010-03-25 07:03:34 by satanicgoomba

And i'm doin the classic "Nintendo Vs. Sega fight"

Haven't posted in a while.

2010-02-19 23:34:29 by satanicgoomba

But I've been working on a flash, It's Called X Vs. Zero, It's a solo project so I can finally start a collab.

Also, I've been thinking, there's no possible way a sprite fight can be an SMBZ ripoff. SMBZ is not a fighting style but a storyline, the fighting style in SMBZ however is DBZ and the moves are exactly the same as in the games, so technically in it's own SMBZ is a DBZ ripoff, but obviously like every spriter he has some original things. Think about that before you say something is an SMBZ ripoff. So until I can say that noone will call any sprite fight a ripoff, just take a good look at this picture.

Haven't posted in a while.


2009-12-18 03:43:10 by satanicgoomba

I have a really good feeling that TONS of awards are coming my way!
I just got #22 Most Views for the day on Youtube! vztc

Edit: lol I was right! I got 8 other awards on youtube and the Sonic Battle Collab I started got Daily 5th! Good job everyone! I hope to see you in the next Battle collab!

Something Interesting.....

2009-12-15 17:08:05 by satanicgoomba

I have been practicing and I'd say that about now I am pretty damn good at animating! Always Practice!

Making more flash

2009-11-28 08:59:32 by satanicgoomba

Secret Shrooms : 78% Completed

Sonic Battle Collab (SBC) : 96% Completed

Game with Shadman : ~~Starting this Summer~~

Collab, Lukeyjohnno, HarryControl and I : 2%

Game with CurseKyuubi : 54%

Kirby Collab Part : 17%

My Birthday!

2009-11-24 21:45:54 by satanicgoomba

It's my birthday today <(^.^)>

X-Men The Next Dimension

2009-11-01 10:18:11 by satanicgoomba

This game was interesting, the story was great, although there are several pros and cons...

In this game you are X-Men characters
You Have a Special bar that you can swap around
There are TONS of moves to use
The fighting grounds are always very interactive (A.K.A. hit someone through a wall, throw them off a bridge)
There is a fair amount of characters
Arcade like feel

The animation is not that good
You cannot quit the story and go back (It's a very long story)
There is a glitch when you press "Yes, I want to continue" then make sure you don't press anything for the next 2 seconds or else it will make you quit
Specials are easily interrupted by very cheap CPUs (Sentinal B.....)
There are characters that can disable your special and your special meter can't go up either (A.K.A. Bastion, Sentinal A, Sentinal B)

So I rate this.....

Moves 9/10

Character Selection 8/10

Art 6/10

Gameplay 7/10

Story 9/10

Overall 78%/100%

I Recommend Renting This Game

X-Men The Next Dimension